The Argus Foundation

We apply business leadership to important community issues

Mission Statement

We apply business leadership to important community issues.


Vision Statement

The Argus Foundation applies business leadership to identify, educate, advocate, and collaborate on solutions for important community issues that will enhance the quality of life, environment, and economic well-being of Sarasota County.

Our Focus

We keep a broad community perspective.
We identify issues.
We offer lasting rather than temporary solutions.
We impact the future for a better community.

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Latest Articles

SRQ Daily: Growth vs. Affordable Housing

Growth is a hot topic in Sarasota social media these days. If you explore social media community groups, it is very common to find complaints about growth within the same or successive social media posts about infrastructure, traffic, affordable housing and other concerns. Many times posts will ask for the stoppage of growth until affordable housing, infrastructure, and traffic are fixed. In reality, growth is the answer to these problems.

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SRQ Daily: Commissioners Deserve Praise on Affordable Housing

Last month we wrote a column on the importance of considering government fees and how they impact affordable housing. Those fees do not magically get absorbed by a developer; they get passed along to the homeowner in the cost of housing. We asked governments to consider how fees impact affordable housing when they are looking at raising them.

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Argus Impact: New Donations to Selby Gardens Master Plan To Be Tripled Thanks to Leadership Gift from Willis A. Smith Construction

A leadership gift from Willis A. Smith Construction to the Campaign for Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Master Plan has seeded a double matching opportunity for new gifts, which will enable the fundraising goal for the project’s first phase to be met. The Willis Smith donation leverages Selby Gardens’ existing Campaign Capping Challenge, which has been matching every gift dollar-for-dollar for Phase One of the Master Plan.

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