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The Argus Foundation is a group of community leaders who have come together to facilitate communication, education and cooperation between the public and private sectors. Working through the Foundation, business leaders comment on the relevant issues facing the Sarasota community and provide actionable solutions.

The Argus Foundation has established liaisons with city, county, state and federal governments. The Foundation actively monitors the activities of the various governmental bodies and holds public officials accountable for performing their duties efficiently and cost-effectively.

Members of the Argus Foundation come from a broad cross section of the business and professional community representing more than 50 different industries. Benefiting from the practical experience and expertise of over 170 members, the Argus Foundation is in a position to advise and assist public officials in those decisions that affect the lifestyle, environment, and economic well being of our area.

Since its inception, Argus has been involved with many critical issues that have had a broad impact on many lives. The Argus Foundation has created a vehicle by which business leaders are more cognizant and involved in the critical concerns that shape and direct our immediate and future well being. We strive for excellence in our pursuit to make Sarasota a better place.